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An explanation of the site and a Disclaimer about some things said here.



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A brief explanation:     The Midwestern Updates are my personal response to everything Midwestern. Whether you take them personally or not is up to you. I'm not out to hurt anyone, just to try and explain why my head feels like it's being crushed just a little bit more each day that I spend here in the Midwest.  The Flame Mail is a collection of letters  from people that don't exactly agree with my view of things and my attitude about life East of Vegas.  Readers Input is just that, submissions from my readers.  These are jokes, stories etc..   The Quotes are the out-takes from my long history of famous Coffee Table Quote Logs.  These are little gems of wisdom and obs ervations from my friends and other assorted party guest that shed some light on why my life has turned out the way that it has.  Very enlightening and I hope to God my mother never finds it.   Andy's Corner is a little space that I've reserved for my friend Andy.  He's from the Midwest originally, but now lives in California.  And the Bald-Cam is quickly turning into a favorite stop over.  It's basically a picture of my head.


The Midwestern Updates are not for the weak hearted.  There's some language and subjects that shouldn't be viewed by kids, or even some adults.  There's no nudity or porno crap, but I'm not afraid of the four, five, and six letter words, and neither are my readers in their responses to me.  So, now you've been warned.

There you have it, now get back up there and start digging through the site. 

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